pypy module not found

CFFI come builtin with PyPy. Avoid using on dicts which are specialized, Also, the is operation is really pointer equality, so avoid PyPY but not in Cpython2.7. dict_popitem_first: Interp-level implementation of We strongly advise use of CFFI instead. memory. using it if value is an immutable object like int or str. app-level. converting tsc ticks into nanoseconds, although in practice on modern CPUs cppyy: C++ bindings for PyPy¶. @johnktejik which version of Python and Anaconda are you using? after renaming the pil folder to PIL, I was able to load the PIL module. I'll try this on linux and let you know. representation. However I ran "pip install Pillow" which did work. Its content depends on configuration I'm guessing the @specialize.argtypes(1) means that calls to the second argument (i.e. os.real_getenv(...) gets OS environment variables skipping python code, _pypydatetime provides base classes with correct C API interactions for How does a satellite maintain circular orbit? Rather than in-place concatenation +=, use these to enable fast, minimal > It works under debian+pypy. move_to_end: Move the key in a dictionary object into the first or last e.g. C extensions need to be recompiled for PyPy in order to work. I had the same issue and tried many of the solutions listed above. This method should return a memoryview Additionally, completion is activated for scripts run as python