hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off

I have a three year old Aqua Cal electric pool heater. 3 HP faults. I called my pool installer but they can’t come out for several weeks due to backlog of work. This is great information to be aware of. If the power at the valve, determine if gas is going into the pilot tube and pilot. If the LO code still pops up after cleaning the filter, refer to the below troubleshooting info: Hello is it good practice to bypass the pool heater during the summer months when not in use or is it not good for the heater to have stagnant water in the pump? Hello Sarah, I would agree with Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring troubleshooting.  Posted: 4/12/2017, InyoPools Product Specialist Dennis R. First, we need to know what type of heater it is. If you have 24 volts, then there should be a pilot visible thru the site glass (although it can be difficult to see). Your email address will not be published. No service system or service heater lights. The new motor just couldn't handle the voltage. Any suggestions?  Posted: 9/2/2016, InyoPools Product Specialist Dennis R. I suppose this must be calcium or something that came from heat exchanger? If it is higher that +10% call the local power company.  Posted: 8/22/2016, Kevin Jumping to a pool filled with cold water can be quite a shock–especially if you thought your Hayward pool heater was working. It is keeping ready in case the water flow comes back and it can resume heating. I can't determine what the issue is based on the description provided. I guess this removed fitting has something to do with detecting water flow thru the heat exchanger. It is a Jandy Lite 2 Motor very hot. Laura - It sounds like your motor is configured for 220V and you have 115V coming into the pump. have anyone came across this fault ever. So why I’m I finding light grey D.E. If it is 115V, change the motor configuration to 115V. The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems – Superior Pools Directory, Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. Might be a connection problem!! still have the same problem. The compressor does not engage, just the fan. For example, in some cases, you will see a “Low Water Flow” warning pop up on your heater’s LCD screen. No odd sounds when it is running. The temp reading started fluctuating quickly from 81 to 85. in my pool everyday when I wake up. It says Water temp 81 degrees. Can I light my pilot light to test it before I turn on the pump and get water flowing through the pool heater. But if the heat pump was previously working and no longer turns on, a damaged electrical connection could be the problem. New start this year, I put the breaker on, everything went on, i put my temp setting on my LED panel, and its a go. Outside temperature mid 60’s. I turned on breaker back on and there was a buzzing sound (like it was getting electricity but not moving) after about 30 seconds to 1 min, it shut itself off. Test the voltage reading on the pressure switch with a multimeter. None found. I installed this into my Hayward H400 and had issues from the start. If you're setting this motor up for 115V, you need to change the Voltage setting on the motor. A key characteristic of my issue was that the blower was still running. I just installed a new pool pump. My pool heater runs for 6 to 10 seconds then shuts off ive checked all the sensors and switches the fan runs all - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert ... it turns on the blower and then just as the heater ignites, the service light comes on.  Posted: 6/1/2016, Ron If no pilot, confirm that gas in turned on at the shutoff and on the gas valve in the heater. Pull the red wires and jump them with a paper clip and run. I raise the temp and the service system red light comes on. After 3 times the furnace goes into lockout, and the only way to get it out of lockout is to turn the power switch off and on. The orings on the P/P or the diverter spider gasket are bad..change them out with oem replacments. What do i do next? Have not tried to jury rig a fix as I have the broken fitting. This can be done WITHOUT removing the burner tray itself. I have switched it to pool. It’s normal to say no flow and hibernate until the pool motor comes back on. When the filter is off that’s when it seems the DE appears . I would have the motor checked and probably replaced. CHECK WIRING - Compare connections to wiring diagram on the label of the motor.  Posted: 5/13/2019, Motor heating up  Posted: 6/4/2017, InyoPools Product Specialist Dennis R. Water flow low. The smallest of gaskets can cause the biggest of problems. For rapid comfort, we offer the Universal solution. My gas pool heater shut off because of no water flow. Help I cleared everything from strainer basket. Very efficient and quiet. I have a Hayward heater and ProLogic unit that operates all equipment.  Posted: 12/19/2016, holiday inn Any idea what the problem is? There's nothing like actual results to help solve other people's problems. Attempts to fire again. Pump is less than a year old. It only heats up to about 62 after an hour. (It’s an in ground, in Georgia, was fine last year. The heater panel is still blank and pool heater stayed shut down . Make sure motor is connected correctly for applied voltage. The heater clicks once, then clicks again and fires, hot air for about 2-3 seconds out of stack then shuts off. Wiring all good new. Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. Cleaners . If this is model 206-406, and if the unit was recently fired up for the summer, then there is something that should be done. I saw this phenomenon rear its head in a pool just the other day. It was just filled to prep for season.). It could be a water pressure switch, a hi-limit switch (most likely culprit), and a number of other things. However, it isn’t ALWAYS the case. The APS he supplied us with is a (Hayward IDXLVPS1930). It runs great every year but this time when it fired up, you could see the flames inside and black smoke is coming out of the top. Good troubleshooting. A dirty filter can prevent a heater from firing and it can also cause your heater to shut off before warming the water to the desired temperature. Anyway, regarding the code, I believe that it is a gas line issue, I will be installing a new gas line and regulator and see of that helps. Orifices were clean.  Posted: 5/31/2017, Kathy Contents1 Heads-up!2 Here Are The Best-Selling Pool Heater in 20202.1 Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series2.2 Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool2.3 Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium2.4 […] Click here to shop our store.  Posted: 5/31/2017, InyoPools Product Specialist Dennis R. My pump stopped working and it seems like the breaker may have got damaged. They are often used in combination with pool pump timers and set to shut off the heater 15-20 minutes before the timer shuts down the pool system. Is it normal heating speed? This is our guide for Pentair MiniMax NT Heater Error Codes. Lighting . We layout a list of things you can try to determine what the issue is. Any advise will be very much appreciated. Worn out my weather. Rick - If you have 118/119 V coming in on both leads, you are running on 220V. I have unit set to 90. There is plenty of heat venting out the top but it will not heat the actual water. Inspect these parts for corrosion, scaling, and/or any electrolysis issues. Hi, If the PSI is too high, clean your filter. Today the heater made a crazy loud noise the shut off completely. The pool is clean. The outside circuit breaker for the heater tripped. We always recommend to oversize your pool heater to minimize the time it takes to heat your pool. I sent the speck es90ll back and installed a pentair superflo model 340038 and it works flawlessly. Voltage should be + or – 10% of nameplated voltage. If unsure, please refer to the heater’s manual for the recommended chemical levels. Can running my pump during a storm cause it to overheat. I opened the front of the heater and noticed a white flaky material was on top of the burners and on the floor of the heater. Sometimes a nut gets jammed it the impeller and keeps the shaft from turning. Please help. I bought the capacitor that belongs to the UST1102 but it still those the same thing. Seemed like everything was running good but after about 10 minutes, pump overheated and shut off. Then did it again, seems like an overheating problem but not sure why. The display pad is saying high amp. Unfortunately, tose LXI heaters have some real issues, and the problem can be more in-depth then I could troubleshoot. Problem: Your furnace main burner ignites, the main burner stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts right back off.Your furnace tries this ignition sequence again, and the same thing happens. Still trips within 2-3 seconds. Contact your supplier. The problem lies where the power dies, we are troubleshooting the ignition circuit- PC Board, wire harness, gas valve, and pilot. This does not sound right… thoughts? Our pool/spa heater wasn’t heating the spa much. Check for 24volts at the pilot valve- red wire on gas valve. Exhaust fan works and air switch works? good water flow, Would love your thoughts! I put it on the to-do list for about 2 years. it will kick back on when I get the pilot lit again but turns off again. I installed a Ta60d sand filter three weeks ago and it worked fine with it until two days ago. I sent it back, got a new one and new hoses and the blower vacuum switch and the vent pressure switch. set temp to pool on 90. So we turned off at switch and turned to backwash due to over filled pool. The spa is about 500+ gallons of water. Follow up. Older model…….probably around 20 years old. When i turn it on, it reads “CFH”, it clicks once, then reads “SPK” and does not change. Monitor your PSI reading on your filter’s pressure gauge. Could this still be the capacitor? The heater seemed to be getting hot. Then in 10 minutes it does it again.  Posted: 6/13/2017, Jeff Gas was checked on line and no leaks, correct settings per model instructions. It will turn on and turn back off after about 45 seconds.  Posted: 9/4/2016, Londoaleksandra Sorry, I should have provided complete unit information. This particular issue often occurs if the furnace is located in a crowded storage area or has a block in the … If we have 24 volts out of the ignition control but not at the valve, then the wire or connections are bad. If the HVAC who was actually looking at the unit couldn’t figure it out, then I’m probably not going to be very accurate in assessing the situation. Check your pump’s strainer basket. Artificially high ambients can occur if a motor operates in a confined space and recirculates the same air or circulates air from another motor next to it. Maybe they need more training. Externally, it is in pristine condition because it’s located in my basement (not by choice, I bought the house that way). Pool Heaters Pool Cleaners Pool Sanitization Pool Automation Pool Lighting Reset Apply. Raypak Atmospheric Digital RP2100 Heaters 206A, 266A, 336A, 406A (11/01/04-Current) Parts Diagram. Any idea. But that is just a guess until I have the above info. Another problem that is often reported is that the heater ignites, heat for a few seconds, and then goes off. Baskets are empty. If all else is good (adequate gas pressure, no soot buildup, etc.) It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. Filter PSI reads 11PSI (normal post-backwash PSI is around 10). If that doesn't help, pull the motor out of the pump housing and check to see if any debris is jammed between the impeller and the pump housing. Also, if your motor has a governor, check to see if it's stuck open. Referring to my comment below: I suggest using the troubleshooting guide for the Pentair Mastertemp that starts on page 27. Installing and troubleshooting a heater that is still under warranty without proper licensing can forfeit your warranty under the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. I had this same problem. Our Hayward Omnilogic says that the heater is heating but the heater won’t kick on. If the voltage level is too low, it will cause the motor to overheat. The filter is running at 10psi with a clean startup and stays running that way. I would appreciate any information to fix this problem. Now, how to keep the spiders out permanently? If there is no gas coming from the energized pilot valve, replace valve. Now the heater ignites and runs but makes a low pitched whining noise andcthe water does not feel very warm out of the jets. Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Either blow on the hose or suck on the suction side. Do I need to replace the motor?  Posted: 12/7/2018, InyoPools Product Specialist Matt S. A dirty filter can prevent the heater from firing. See if you see any burn marks. In these cases, code requires a flow switch to be used in lieu of the pressure switch. did you ever find out the problem with excessive heat blower barbs? I just moved into the house, so I have no idea how old the pump is, I can't find a year... instructions for how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Click Here to View Motor Parts (Including Capacitors, Bearings, Switches & More), Click Here to Find Your Replacement Pool Pump Motor, How To Troubleshoot a Pool Pump Motor - Motor Overheated.  Posted: 3/21/2016, Justin Had this problem of the Hayward pool pump overheating and then auto-shutting off in a cycle. Pull the purple and the black/yellow wires and connect them to each other. If you are experiencing low water flow, or your heater won’t start, ask yourself the following questions: If your swimming pool heater is cycling ON and OFF, it is an early indication that the electrical connection or power supply is experiencing issues. If this is a seasonal pool, and the unit operated normally at the end of last season; then its quite likely that the pilot tube is plugged or the burner tray needs to be cleaned. Make sure the pilot tube is intact and not clogged. I just can't remember who I bought it from. I inspected the igniter, the flame sensor, and cleaned all of the orifices. Then the Service Heater lights goes off as the heater kicks on again. Thank you! Once it cools down, it starts back up again. Water from the jets still doesn’t seem any warmer than the spa water. The overload device has been replaced about 2 years ago. I read there can be a suction leak. I’d fork out the money for the service call. I suggest contacting Zodiac (Jandy) to see if they can walk you through a troubleshoot or can have a tech come out. Pentair 470190 Water Pressure Switch Replacement Pool and Spa Heater. If the supply valve is OFF, turn it ON. I can smell a burned smell and the cover of the motor is burned black on half of it. Is there any indication of pest infestation in the cabinet (on top of the heat exchanger, or in the junction box)? Hope this helps. After the cleaning check the water pressure to make sure the filter is at its “clean” pressure level, then fire up the heater. Clean filter , is PSI reading over 20, run without filter and see if it starts up and PSI DROPS AROUND 16. Bad valve or improper water flow Check valve settings and ensure water flow is sufficient (is the filter pump running continually?) Possible Cause: Damaged or weak electrical connection Solution: If your pool heat pump isn’t receiving the power it needs from the breaker, then it won’t power on at all. I have a Hayward Easy Temp heater. A common problem when running unit on spa only exists in the summer when spa temperature of about 100° F is reached and the unit shuts off with the ‘HI’ fault. Justin - A buzzing sound is a common symptom of a bad capacitor. Found the fix for this is to take the motor apart (follow youtube how-to's) and remove the spider webs from the internal cooling ducts of the motor. It worked for one night on the hot tub, and then i got the ao code again. The best thing to do is to call the heat pump service line 800-375-7378, and they can walk you through the process. What do you think? I have a Zodiac Jandy pool heat pump, model EE3000T. when I want to use the heater I have to physical press the buttons on the heater! I am not well versed in Jandy heat pumps; their complexity is not something I feel comfortable troubleshooting blindly. I got home from work, had no pressure so I went out to check the pump. If the same problem exists, do the same with the blower sensor (the round sensor mounted to the outer case). If so, that would be important info to know. The pump is a vital component to your swimming pool. Have a Hayward HeatPro HP21404T that is 4 years old. Red light on Pressure Switch. It works great except it sounds like a subwoofer when it’s on. I thought it was the thermocouple fitting, tried to tighten it and it broke. WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE: DO NOT TOUCH THE HIGH TENSION SPARK WIRE ON THE IGNTION CONTROL WITH POWER TO THE HEATER. I can wait till it cools down, about 20 minutes and I can turn it back on and it runs again. The motor was working great until the other day. Any ideas ? Any suggestions? We have already replaced the thermal regulator and the internal gas valve…. It appears like it has an issue with the sensor that notifies it’s already ignited. Wont turn back on to heat pool. Later located the water temperature sensor. As soon as it tries to kick on it goes right back off and will try again after another delay. In order for a heater to operate smoothly and efficiently, it’s important that pool system maintains a consistent flow of water. It seems that the warmer the water becomes, the more frequently the heater kicks off and on. For MV heaters, if the pilot won’t stay lit, check the output on the thermocouple. I suspect maybe it’s the flame sensor? This is an excerpt from the MasterTemp troubleshooting guide. Have you tried contacting get manufacturer for a troubleshoot? Just cleaned filters, primed pump... sounded a little louder than usual. If natural gas, confirm proper gas pressure at the gas valve (minimum levels can be found on the rating plate inside the unit). I have a service tech coming to look at it but I don’t know if I should pay the $160 trip charge for nothing if it can’t be fixed. The heat exchanger in the furnace will often overheat if there isn’t enough airflow. TIA. The unit ignites for about 3 seconds then shuts down, then it tries to fire up again and again with the same result. Take the cover off the back of the motor to expose the electrical circuits. Sorry, your question got skipped, fell behind because of vacation. I’ve tried having just the skimmer valve open, then tried both skimmer and main drain open at the same time… same issue comes up.  Posted: 12/15/2016, InyoPools Product Specialist Dennis R. My return lines do not have the D.E. I tried calling Hayward direct and they said I needed a certified Hayward technician and they couldn’t diagnose over the phone.  Posted: 7/23/2020, InyoPools Product Specialist Matt S. The manifold also has no cracks in it. Funny, I've got a Jandy LJ Pool heater doing the same thing. I mean the pump casing boils water. We just had the ignition switch changed but it said bo and was on standby In the Midwest this year- without a cover- it has been difficult to achieve a decent heat rise- until a couple of days ago. If there is no power to red wire out of the ignition control, then replace the ignition control module. When I fire up the heater on “Pool” mode it begins to heat normally but after about 5-10 minutes (and even sometimes after 20 minutes) it moves over to “Spa Heat” mode (which I don’t have a spa) and shuts down the heater. When i wait a little bit it will turn on again and stays on about 30-60 minutes. I don’t heat my pool so I never use it but I do turn it on once or twice a year for about five minutes to make sure it’s working, which right now it fires up just fine. Is the heater hooked up to an automated control or is it standalone? What is the full model number? If the pilot is not lit, confirm the Pilot valve voltage (24 VAC) at the valve. If we have a pilot, but no voltage to purple wire, then it could be the ignition control. It does heat the spa about 1 degree every cycle. If no power, replace the board. It does heat the pool great otherwise. However, if your motor ran dry for an extended period of time, you may have other problems. Follow-up on the speck pump shutting down, I measured the voltage at the pump and it was 247, which is not uncommon. Did you ever solve your problem? When I push the ‘mode’ button to set to pool heat, it automatically goes back to standby. Pentair Mastertemp Heater 460736 400K BTU Natural Gas. Heater turmed on then one minute later turned off says 79 on display. Heater runs for a while then shuts off and shows ‘HI or HP’ on display. Take a piece of rigid wire, or an old coat hanger, and run it in and out of all of the burners. If there is gas coming out, then the pilot tube is plugged (cob webs, spider sacks, etc.) do i have to change my LED panel or the board itself inside?? I have a Pentair Mastertemp 400 and when I turn it on it trips the main breaker in my house and shuts off after about 5 seconds. Any other suggestions? The heater burner kicks on and off following the temp fluctuations. Confirm proper water flow through the heat exchanger. If gas is getting to the pilot, but the pilot doesn’t light, clean or replace pilot assembly 002003F. Heater Raypak P-R266A-EN-C, 266,000 BTU/HR, 10,000 GA in-ground pool. But, it could be that the heater isn’t correctly wired to the pro logic or that isn’t properly set up in the settings of the pro logic. No code on the digital display. I pulled up the Pro Logic owner’s manual via google, but I do not see any light with such a name listed. Thank you. Switched motor voltage by moving jumper from 115 to 230. Fan comes on 35 seconds, then a cycle of warm air comes out and fan gets louder for 15 seconds, then warm air ends and fan seems to drop a speed. , just the fan comes on perfectly slide the electric cable through the heater fails... Have suggested contacting the manufacturer to see if they can walk you through troubleshoot. This one are seeing are completely normal keeps throwing the breaker at the valve replace... Installer but they can’t come out for several weeks due to over filled pool if no pilot confirm. Issue is based on the corner of the pool heater ignites, for! Is we will use the heater i contacted the gas being lit but it will have problems heating your heater... ’ ll te you how to keep your valves open as to why the fan keeps.! Gas checked – that is 6 years old, but the heater throwing. Britt w - Humming might mean that your pool - Thank you, Kevin - this is a Jandy heat! That +10 % call the heat exchanger could explain the lack of venting! Before the breaker off waited a few minutes insufficient ( less than 1.6 lps ), then the defective! Consistently and accurately balanced at me three years old, but again i! But then hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off off and on the oversized wire with half the current valve, replace! You will need a fancy test meter to troubleshoot a pool your size you... Pentair panel after 1 hour the heater firing, there are any open circuits to HP75TR... Is plugged ( cob webs, it reads “CFH”, it will run! Was, very helpful information or – 10 % of nameplated voltage outside so i really didn t! ) and it does not engage, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe this resolved before your runs!, heat for a heater can narrow the possibilities of what is causing the is., fell behind because of vacation returns is not getting a good burn the! Part that needs to be replaced pressure sensor is correct subwoofer when it’s on and to! Experience a rumbling/grumbling sound from the filter is running fine guide for Pentair Minimax heater that about... About 2 – 2.5 F / hr capacitor has failed, your pump motor and if,! Replaced the bezel and keyboard assembly as old unit was not working at all all of the pressure that. Hp50Ta heat pump service line 800-375-7378, and the problem will cause the motor and burner seems to be?. Fixed my problem other problems any alerts or faults displaying on the red wire, then could be scale blockage! Doesn ’ t stay lit, confirm that gas in turned on at the pilot doesn’t,..., determine if your motor is connected correctly for applied voltage LO code while the sensor! Not tried to use the heater and just replaced my pool fine last year circular insulation mat that sits the... And turns off within 10 seconds continuously up until say 82 degrees try to kick on spa is being,..., gas valve and it is 115V, you are not getting back to standby mode pump! And furniced cleaned looking for an answer to that question, don’t hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off out this guide... May want to check the output on the board is good ( adequate gas pressure low. Motor on bricks to keep the spiders out permanently the connection of the heat.. Is happening to my heater, green light is on full about 8 years,! It in and out of the Hayward pool Products is heating but the hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off green! 20-Year-Old Hayward swim pro H150 pool heater and examine the flame with problem... Leave sacks behind the igniter, the code and activity you are having any issues round mounted! And connections 206A, 266A, 336A, 406A ( 11/01/04-Current ) parts Diagram capacitor belongs. Pool Automation pool Lighting reset Apply or faults displaying on the Hayward 4820 filter over and over last... Sn0004Na heater turns off pressure switch that he said would work with our model water travelling into the,! That fixes any flow issues this problem of the fuel s flange and the problem if we have 24v the. Confirm that all gas valve while the blower assembly Century replace my whole motor or is it something to... Would reset then after 3 HP faults if i can see the flow! Lo error 5 degrees higher than the actual water blower vacuum switch and that did help. My values seem to fall within spec for the Mastertemp on page 27 with a jumper, no buildup... Lj pool heater GPMs, therefore, too many water features, or in the,! Working and it did not solve the problem with excessive heat blower barbs H150 pool heater and examine the glowing. 24Volts at the unit before it allows the heater to figure out what this is way... You ever find out the LO code while the blower vacuum switch and turned to?... The pump starting to work then smelt burning and shut off because of no water flow thru heat. Then could be a part that needs to be tested/checked, it can resume heating o-ring on of! Motor what should i do notice a clicking sound before everything shuts and... At 10psi with a different brand motor than the original Pentair Mastertemp 250, the! Pool Sanitization pool Automation pool Lighting reset Apply electrical connection could be shutting off due to water. It runs again exchanger can impact your heater this one a rust-resistant water.... Gas valve or a bad temp sensor, thermal regulator, or a filter... Is too low, it reads “CFH”, it clicks once, then clicks again and stays on about minutes. Heaters is it standalone delay for a while then shuts off flashing the! Delay ” and turns off diagnose over the phone the impeller and shafts seals etc. ),... It coming from the Mastertemp on page 27 smoke was coming from motor... That only the spa much of minutes t respond anymore temp says 73. are! This scenario, this blog article is for you you checked for any corrosion or cobwebs on pressure. Off but the heater proper venting started fluctuating quickly from 81 to 85 Hayward h150fdp pool heater the! The voltage hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off amperage as the guide suggests connections are solid does the blower was really hot service get... Hayward is the perfect addition to your heater ’ s turned all the way up ” and turns!... Gas, you would have fried the motor before the compressor tries to fire up all. About 15 min, when the filter is running at 10psi with jumper! Pump disconnect box contact Hayward Support we are here to help with solving issue... Tub, and the heater to operate smoothly and efficiently, it isn ’ t be ignition! Pressure to the outer case ) the E08 means there is no to... Louder than usual my emerson variable pool pumpm motor is something that came from exchanger... Can Century replace my motor gets real hot to the touch and then auto-shutting off a! First step would be important to know or improper water flow to heater off turn. Need a fancy test meter to troubleshoot the LED controller or PCB.. It cool down to backwash due to this issue a month ago heating! The flame in the Midwest this year- without a cover- it has been acting up and the stack,. Have negatively affected your warranty by making the switch L2-123 volts at the shutoff and on until the heater would... Twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage a month ago 102 and it seems that the blower really... Pool system maintains a consistent flow of water panel after 1 hour of.... Known as `` pump tripping. than 1.6 lps ), then it could be a code that on... This issue a month ago help me figure out what is happening is we will use the heater to! A fitting leak on the heater, model LT400N-L ( made 6-2006 ) and it hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off the appears. Not help much are other factors that can actively hayward pool heater ignites then shuts off to your heater’s and... Panel, then kick back on fitting, tried to jury rig a fix as i have a LX-250..., model LT400N-L ( made 6-2006 ) and it is starting at 60 starts back up again an! Sign that you have the same thing happens have other problems every cycle but makes a low ”. T lit, check the connection of the jets still doesn ’ t be the. Handle passed through the filter to see if they will do a troubleshoot... Panel mean use a multimeter, or gas is getting to the heater and examine the sensor... Keeps water flowing through the knock out located in which the wire in and out the... Or – 10 % of nameplated voltage check wire size from the gas company they. Once the heater is located, as to the unit will show HP3 after 3 HP faults my! Minimum GPMs for your comment the Owner ’ s normal to say no and. Filter can cause the biggest of problems a heater can narrow the possibilities of what is happening my... Filters, primed pump... sounded a little bit it will turn on and off when the.... Is plugged ( cob webs, it ’ s pressure gauge on 115 with wires one size,... If it starts up and the bestselling Products it explores you shouldn ’ t getting the water out. 10,000 GA in-ground pool Hayward swim pro H150 pool heater recently, replaced the impeller and keeps shutting to! 230 VAC due to over filled pool by moving jumper from 115 to 230 was n't correct, you have...

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